How to Customize the Photo Gallery on Your Twitter Profile

twitter-gallery-customYou may have noticed a change on your web-based Twitter profile. The service recently rolled out an image gallery feature that displays recent photos that you’ve shared or retweeted from other users.

It got us thinking that this profile real estate could be put to some creative use. As luck would have it, our pal Jeremiah Warren whipped up a great step-by-step video (above) on how to slice and dice your Twitter slides, Photoshop style. He’s even provided a template file, which you can download here to get started. (A PNG file is also available for those not using Photoshop).

This solution is still very much a hack — you’ll have to annoy your followers with four to six image tweets in a row. And if you share or retweet any subsequent image links (TwitPic, Instagram, etc.) you’ll muck up your precarious masterpiece. But that certainly shouldn’t stop you from dabbling. We expect to see some fantastic creations in the coming weeks.

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