How to Disable Email notification in Google Plus

Unlike Facebook, Google plus has a good notification system. If you are using Google plus, you can verify it yourself. Every time your friends or followers in google plus add you in their circle(s), mention you in any comment, tag you within any photo or share any post with you; you will get a email notification at your email address related to your Google plus account.

While this feature makes a great sense for the notification purpose, over time, you would be exhausted with those bulk email messages. Why would you make your inbox cluttered with those junk emails while you can get the notifications in your Google+ account itself ?

So, it is better that you turn off the notifications in your Google plus profile to avoid the notification emails in your inbox.

How to Disable Google+ Email Notification

Here is the simple step by step guide to disable Email Notification in Google Plus:

1. Sign-in to Google plus and click on the name at the top-right corner of the page and choose “Google + settings”.

Google+ setting for Email Notification

Google+ setting

2. You can now manage your Google Plus notifications settings in this area. Uncheck all of the ones you don’t want to get

How to disable email notification in Google+ Plus

How to disable email notification in Google+ Plus

By using the above guidelines you will avoid un-necessary emails to your mailbox. If you want to get email notification in Google+ Plus then simply select the notification options.

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