How To Disable Facebook Timeline?

Facebook Timeline

Facebook is going through a number of changes these days, and one of them is Facebook Timeline. We have posted a Step by Step Tutorial to enable Facebook Timeline and some of our visitors asked us the method to disable it. We figured it out and made a tutorial. Check it out after the jump.

Facebook Timeline feature is not publicly launched now, and only developers can use it. The method of enabling we posted is by making a dummy app. If you want to disable Facebook Timeline just delete that app.

How to Disable Facebook Timeline Feature:

Follow the steps and your profile will be back in the old Facebook GUI.

Step 1:

Open this URL and click on “Edit App“.

Step 2:

On the left sidebar, click on “Delete App“.

Step 3:

Now Click on “Confirm“.

Then Click on “Okay“.

Your Facebook Timeline App is deleted and your profile is now back in the old Facebook Interface.

IMPORTANT: This Method only works for those profile who had enabled facebook timeline before official release.

Who enabled timeline after official release with one button you can disable facebook timeline using this method:

How to disable Facebook Timeline (Temporary Solution for users of firefox,safari,IE and Chrome)

Note: If you want to re-enable the Facebook Timeline then re-create the app by following this tutorial.

You can watch this video if you are confused . This may help you to disable facebook timeline (install the video codec and watch video):

Use Facebook Timeline Cover Now

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