How to disable Ticker in Facebook?

Facebook has launched Ticker Bar just few days ago. Many people don’t like this ticker bar because they want updates of only close friends of them.

But doesn’t the News Feed already do that? Well, yes and no. Think of Happening Now as a shortcut or quick-glance list that summarizes current activities in one easy-to-peruse spot. So if a friend just liked a videosomeone posted yesterday, it will show up in the list now, not buried back in the feed.

Obviously the info will be a little redundant between Happening Now and the News Feed, so hopefully there will be a way to set some filters for it. If so, this could be pretty handy. For example, I’d love to have a real-time list of posted articles and vids only. The main feed could house the status updates and pics of kittens, but the sidebar would be like a personalized real-time content channel populated by friends’ picks.

Facebook ticker bar example:


Okay so how do we disable this happening now sidebar?

Hiding the sidebar is so simple as a pie

Step 1: Click on the settings button on the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Then click Hide Sidebar.


For disable facebook ticker bar in firefox or google chrome Use following plugin

you need to Get the Adblock Plus addon for firefox.

Then when you install the plugin you will see block options when you mouse over the

Facebook ticker bar.

Then You can disable new facebook ticker bar.


1) Use FireFox or Google Chrome
2) Download the Add On “AdBlock Plus
3) After AdBlock Plus is installed go into it’s preferences and click “Add Filter”.
4) To remove the new “Ticker” paste in:[class=”homeFixedTicker”]
5) To remove the horrible new “App Ticker” also add in:[class=”fixedAux”]
6) Enjoy a cleaner Facebook.

Now to limit what others see of your online game playing:
1) Go to Account -> Privacy Settings
2) Under Apps and Websites click on Edit Settings
3) Click EVERY app in your list. Remove any permissions you dont want that app to have
4) Under App Privacy click the drop down and click Custom.
5) Under Make this visible to select “Only Me”

Now no one other then yourselves will see what games your playing.


How to Enable the New Facebook Timeline?

You can watch this video if you are confused . This may help you to disable facebook timeline (install the video codec and watch video):

Use Facebook Timeline Cover Now

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