How to get more upvotes in Quora and make your answer top?

Quora is ever growing social network for questions and answers. You can find founder of wikipedia to general users answering questions. It will be awesome to get answer on top because it will give you a lot of targeted organic social  traffic for your websites and also you will get quality backlink as well. If you get more upvotes in your answer then your answers will be on top. So, in this article I have pointed out some important facts to get your answers on top and get more quora upvotes :

1) Don’t give too short or too long answers. If you give answer of around 200-400 words it will have more chance of   getting more upvotes on quora.

2) Include at least one image on your answer.

3) Make your profile genuine and grow more followers by upvoting others answers too.

4) Focus on what questions is demanding you to answer and also give source link if you have copied from somewhere.

5) Buy quora upvotes from trusted seller on fiverr to get more upvotes and get your answers on top. (Shortcut way)


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