How to Lunch Facebook Video Chat?

Today Facebook released a new video chat feature, powered by Skype. You no longer need to be logged into a bulky video chat program to see which of your friends are online and ready to chat. However, the first time you go to make or receive a video call, Facebook will ask you to download a small piece of software and configure some flash settings.

Step-1: To activate this feature go to the link and click on Get Started.

Step-2:Click on Set up, a plug in will begin downloading and after downloading. click on Run to install the plugin.

Step-3:After completed the installation, a new popup will open and saying you calling ‘user’ .Her you also get the option to cancel the call.

Step-4:In order to have a video conversation with your friend, your friend also need to activate video chat from the link

Step-5:After accepting your video call request by your friend, a video chat window open your computer screen.

Step-6: You can also chat with your other friends while you’re video calling someone else.

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