How to perform hard drive data recovery?

How to perform hard drive data recovery? Perform hard disk data recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

At present, there are generally three main data storage methods for computer:
1. Magnetic storage: hard drive.
2. USB flash drive and other storage cards.
3. Optical storage: VCD, DVD.
Among all these storage media, hard drive of magnetic storage method is the most widely-employed storage device. It is also the top choice when we are selecting storage media for computer. However, data security is the very problem concerning all hard disk users the most. Although considerate data protection measures ware adopted by computer users, data loss is somehow unavoidable owing to various reasons. After encountering data loss, employing third-party hard disk drive recovery to help perform hard drive data recovery is the top priority.
Here are some tips for selecting appropriate hard drive data recovery software:
1. Easy-to-use and small-sized.
2. Quick scanning speed and complete lost data search.
3. High data recovery efficiency.
4. Support a wide range of operating systems.
5. Support recovery of various file types.
To sum up, I would like to recommend user MiniTool Power Data Recovery, the very hard drive data recovery software combining all above-mentioned features. What’s more, this hard drive data recovery software is totally free.

How to select hard drive?
When selecting hard drive, user should know the fundamentals of hard drive.
1. Hard drive transfer rate: including external and internal data transfer rate. 100 in “ATA100” means the theoretical transfer rate of this hard drive is 100MB/s.
2. Rotational speed: rotational speed reflects hard disk read/write speed. Common hard disk on market is 7200/min.
3. Cache: cache is the temporary place for data exchange between hard drive and exterior.
4. Storage per disk: this is an important parameter measuring hard disk. There are generally 80G, 250G, 320G and 500G specifications.

Perform hard drive recovery with MiniTool Power Data Recovery
Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery free at and install it.
Now launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery to perform hard drive recovery:


Here we are to recover data from lost partition, so please click “Lost Partition Recovery”.


Select the disk containing lost partition at this step and click “Recover” to scan this disk.


Now all partitions on this disk are being listed; select the desired partition and click “Full Scan” to meet the interface below


Select the partition with highest similarity and click “Show Files”.


source and more details:powerdatarecovery

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