How to recover deleted files from smartphone

Smartphones of today are capable of handling more external memory. 8 GB and 16 GB have become common and most phones even offer support for about 32 GB of added storage. But this extra memory makes people pile a lot of data in the memory cards. The sad part is that they don’t even keep a backup.

deleted file recover software free downloadWhat will happen when some really important detail is deleted? It may be a picture that you need the most. It could have been deleted accidentally or could have been misplaced. Unfortunately, the smartphones don’t have a recycle bin like the computers to gain access to the deleted files.

Although you cannot do much on your smartphones, wonders can be done using a computer and a free utility software. You can recover lost files within a short time span using this. It is none other than the process that is used by the professional data recovery agents. They use advanced tools to recover and so they charge more.

You will first need a free data recovery software. Recuva is the fastest for the files. However, the files deleted long back need more scanning and is time consuming.

Download Recuva from the official link

Step by step guide: How to recover deleted files from smartphone:

Step 1

To recover a file you need a free data recovery application Recuva, which has the fastest recovery times for files, though older deleted files might require deeper scanning and that consumes more time. You can download Recuva from for free.

Step 2

Install the application on your computer. Once the application is installed the automated wizard that will help you recover pictures will come up. You can either choose to exit it or go with it for easy step by step recovery. For the first time using the wizard is a better option. Press ‘next’ to proceed.

Step 3

The application will now ask you for the type of files you need to recover from the media. You can choose between pictures, MP3s, documents and other type of files as well.

Step 4

Following that the application will now ask you for the location you need to recover the data from.

Step 5

You can choose the location of your memory card from the Specific location option. Make sure your memory card is connected to the computer via an external card reader.

You can also use this application for recovering files from your device’s internal memory by selecting it instead of the memory card.

Step 6

Once the settings and source of recovery are confirmed by the software it will prompt you to start the scanning. If the file that has to be recovered is several days or weeks old you will have to select the deep scan option before you begin data scan.

Step 7

The application will now scan your data or memory card or the selected data media for lost files and depending on the type of scan chosen, it will show estimated time left for the scan to be complete before recovering files.

We chose deep scan so the application took almost an hour to recover the lost pictures but at the end the files were restored.

The older the files get the lesser the chances are of a successful file recovery as data is constantly over-written on the media. For best results try recovering files as soon as possible and take the media card out of the device if you have accidentally deleted an important file.

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