Is it easy to hack Facebook Fan Page video

Businesses and individuals using Facebook Pages are getting booted off their fan page with no way back on, and it’s costing some of them money.

Hacked Facebook Fan Pages Sample

Popular Facebook Fan Pages

Typically, the administrator tries to access the Page, only to discover that someone else has managed to get admin privileges and then deleted their admin status.

Because they are no longer an admin of the Page, they have no standing with Facebook and no way of getting rid of the usurper and are usually told by the social network that the only option they have is to report it as “infringing or violating their rights” so that it will be deleted. But for many users, this is a difficult option to swallow after months, or even years, spent building up their fanbase.

Many users believed that the original creator of the Page could never be removed as administrator, as stated in its own help pages, but Facebook denies this.

Other users who have lost their Pages have taken to the forums to vent their frustration at the lack of help from Facebook, and at the oft-quoted phrase from company that Pages “cannot be hacked”.

Be careful when you add new admin on Facebook Fan Page, otherwise they can misused your Facebook Fan Page.

In this video show how Facebook Pages can be hacked

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