How to use twitter guide for Journalists

twitter media guide

Twitter Launches Twitter Media Guide for Journalists:

Media organizations and journalists who need some guidelines and best practices suggestions for using Twitter now have an official media guide to reference. Twitter recently launched a new site, Twitter Media, to help in that regard.

The Twitter Media site covers a range of topics that are of interest to those in media organizations, including tweeting, metrics, API, design, elections, legal, (Twitter) lists and others. The posts that might be of greatest interest to journalists are the howtos and the case studies. The latter show how specific media organizations, such as Oxygen, used Twitter and increased their ratings. (For certain demographic groups, Oxygen increased ratings by over 100%, by integrating conversation from Twitter and other social networks.) Another area of interest are the tips on show-tweeting best-practices; for example the post about the tweeting done for Discovery Channel’s show LIFE.

The site currently covers the TV and Web platforms. If you want to follow Twitter Media on Twitter, the official account is @twittermedia.

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