Indian Women Give Birth To 11 Children At One Time

Indian Women From Surat Delivers 11 Babies at once. Among them 6 are twins. And eleven babies from India surat are born on date 11/11/11.


Internet forums were abuzz with the amazing feat of a woman giving birth to 11 children — all at one go. The story was fuelled by this picture circulated on Indian blogs and with the said headline.

Blogs ran the picture stating that: hospital staff showing 11 babies born on unique date 11/11/11 in Surat. It was also rumored that 6 were twins. Doctors were really surprised, shocked and glad to have successful delivery.

No official news agency has been able to deny or confirm the news, but with calls for the Guiness Book of World Records to authenticate the births, unofficial ‘sources’ have offered more viable explanations.

The most plausible one doing the rounds of forums is that all the 11 babies are not from a single mother.


Though all the babies were born on 11/11/11 and hence 11 of them lined up for the picture, they all have different mothers.

One blog did take the trouble to suggest that given the current performance of India’s cricket team, maybe this Surat hospital was already getting a new eleven ready.

Watch Full Video Report here (you have to install video codec to see the report)


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