iPhone 5 Finally Launched [Pics And Features]

The wait is over for Apple iPhone Fans. Apple had just launched the most awaited iPhone series mobile phone The iPhone 5.

Here is exclusive picture of  iPhone5 :


Here is exclusive features of iPhone5 :

  1. SD Card slot
    The ‘why not’ is simple – While storage is cheap, Apple charges $100 per bump. If the iPhone 5 had an SD Card slot everyone would buy the cheapest — and lowest margin — model.
  2. USB port
    Apple has a tight grip over the accessories market by licensing the dock connector. Switching to USB would kill off this income stream.
  3. 3D display
    I don’t know why people still want this, especially on a smartphone. 3D like that used by Nintendo on the 3DS is just horrible and causes headaches when used for long periods in many people. I don’t want a blinding headache every time I use my iPhone!
  4. Even bigger screen
    It now seems likely that the  iPhone 5 will ship with a 4-inch screen, but I don’t see Apple going any bigger. The iPhone is designed for one-handed use, and making the screen bigger than 4-inch would mean that it would be too wide for the average user to be able to go from one side to the other with their thumb.
  5. User-replaceable battery
    This is a feature that a lot of people want, but sorry folks, it’s not going to happen. Not only does a non-user-replaceable battery give the iPhone a limited life before the battery — or, as Apple hopes, the handset — needs replacing, but a replaceable battery would add significant thickness to the handset, something that goes against the grain for Apple.
  6. Extra Features:
  • Larger 4-inch screen
  • New, revamped look
  • Metal unibody constructions, replacing the existing glass backed iPhone
  • Smaller dock connector
  • Faster processor
  • Thinner, possibly lighter
  • iOS 6 — although you’ll be able to get this installed on the latest iDevices anyway

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