Is Michael Vick good money on the dollar?

avickx-largeMichael Vickhas gone from an 18-month sentence to a stretch of six years.

His new contract, a six-year deal worth $100 million with $40 million guaranteed, has completed the cycle that started in prison and ended with him being one of the most popular athletes in Philadelphia.

MICHAEL VICK:  QB again a paid man

“I’m very happy we were able to reach an agreement with Michael on this long-term contract,” coach Andy Reid said. “It’s a product of all the hard work Michael has done to better himself over the last couple of years, both on and off the field.”

How happy should Eagles fans be?

On the plus side they have a QB who mentally sees eye-to-eye with Reid on how the offense should run. He is a very productive passer who has some spectacular extras and is dangerous every time he takes a snap.

However, at 6-1, 215 pounds he is not someone you want to see take a pounding and no quarterback is a good bet to play a 16-game season especially one who is exposed as much as Vick is at times.

Is Vick good money on the dollar?

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