Jersey Shore Recap: Some Guido Swackin’ and Lots of Lesbian Mackin’

Jersey Shore Last week we saw Ronnie attempt to be the peacemaker of the house while his roommates dealt with their respective issues (Snooki‘s boyfriend troubles, Mike‘s ugly neck brace), and even seemed to shake off his issues with Sam.

We’re not rolling our eyes, swear.

But tonight the Jersey Shore kids go back to their element as they visit an Italian beach.

Does it get crazy? Get in one last round of FPC and find out…

The roommates managed to get the weekend off from the pizzeria to visit the beaches in Riccione.While the guys went out and got themselves acquainted with Mike’s twin and some not-so-attractive scenery, the ladies got bombed (as in drunk. C’mon, guys) and learned how to say vagina in Italian, all before Deenadanced so hard that her panties fell down.After falling down and being late for dinner, the drunk meatballs made it to the club with everyone else, except they were already on another level.300.ab.jersey.091411Deena forgot her undies, which caused her “kooka” to make a public appearance. Then she and Snooki start making out with each other at the club. Thenthe duo fell on their bare behinds walking to the cab and figured they’d nurse each other with their tongues, again.The next day started with a new word for all of us to start using: swacked.

Definition: getting your swagger jacked.

Example: Ronnie woke everyone up by yelling Pauly D‘s signature wake-up call, therefore, Pauly D was swacked.

After her lesbian escapade, Snooks felt the right thing to do was tell Jionni what happened. Can you imagine his response?

No, you can’t, because we all thought he was going to flip a noodle and surprisingly, he didn’t!

That’s enough craziness from Snooks for one episode, right? Wrong.

While driving herself and Deena to gym it up and claiming how no one in Italy knows how to drive, the guidette crashed into a police car. How bad was it? Well, it looked minor until an ambulance arrived to take the police officer away on a stretcher while the meatballs got in the back of a cop car.

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