Jhamak Kumari Ghimire Nepali Writter

Who doesn’t weep after seeing this picture.She has no Voice,Interact by writing. Who is she , Do you know? Jhamak Ghimire ,She had been awarded with the Madan Puraskar which isĀ  most popular award given to the writer for her contribution in Nepalese Literature.

Jhamak was born in July, 1980 in Kachide Village Development of Dhankuta district which is one out of 75 districts in Nepal. She is the first child of mother Asa Devi Ghimire and father Krishna Bahadur Ghimire. Jhamak has been the victim of extreme physical infirmity since her birth. She could not speak; her both hands are inoperative; she could not even sit comfortably. In the first sight, she looks like a wrecked, crippled and enfeebled girl.

Despite of her physical disability and formal education, she is the one of the prominent writer of Nepal. She has never attended any kind of school, but she learned everything by hearing the words and sentences that her sister used to read. But, she is the regular columnist in Nepal’s most popular Daily newspaper, Kantipur. Besides, she has published many more on different aspects of literature.

Her both hands are unable to do anything, and she cannot speak. She has the very problematic disease called Cerebral Palsy. She is one of the top ten renowned persons in the whole world who has been suffered with this disease.


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