Jon Bon Jovi Tweets Photo and He’s Not Dead


The Internet went into a frenzy Monday after a false report declared that the singer-turned-actor, who is on the big screen in “New Year’s Eve,” had suffered cardiac arrest and stopped breathing.

Jon Bon Jovi isn’t dead after all.


The singer-turned-actor tweeted a photo Monday from his band Bon Jovi’s account showing that he is still very much alive after the Internet went into a frenzy following an erroneous report announcing his death.

The picture shows him standing in front of a Christmas tree, holding a piece of paper that reads: “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey dec. 19th 2011 6:00.”

According to the tweet, fans can “rest assured that Jon is fine! This photo was just taken.”

Rumors of Bon Jovi’s death seem to have originated with the website “dailynewbloginternational,” which reported that Bon Jovi was “pronounced dead today after paramedics found him in a coma at his Empress Hotel.”

he postclaimed that a 911 call had been made from the rocker’s home, and when paramedics arrived, he wasn’t breathing. According to “sources,” the paramedics performed CPR and Bon Jovi had suffered cardiac arrest.

The news spread through the Internet, with Jon Bon Jovi even becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

It’s unclear what “dailynewblloginternational” is or from whom it originates; the Bon Jovi post is the only one on the site.

As the L.A. Times points out, the post actually copied some of the words from a 2009 Times story about the death of Michael Jackson, changing some details but also lifting some sentences verbatim.

The Times said it is not involved in the false report but is looking into the matter.

Bon Jovi is currently on the big screen as part of the A-list ensemble romantic comedy New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile, his band is coming off the highly successful 2011 Bon Jovi Live trek, which was the No. 2 biggest tour of the year. Over 68 dates, some without Richie Sambora, who entered rehab in April, the band grossed more than $192 million and played to 1.8 million fans.

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