Kim Kardashian’s New Honeymoon Pictures

As exclusive Us Weekly photos reveal, the newlyweds took full advantage of their private R&R time to catch up, swim in their private infinity pool, sunbathe and enjoy one another’s company — in barely-there swimsuits, naturally.

After tying the knot Aug. 20 in Montecito, Calif. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn’t just get a room — they got a $3,300-a-night chalet on Italy‘s Amalfi Coast!

NBA hunk Humphries, 26, surprised his new bride, 30, with a last-minute escape to the five-star Hotel Santa Caterina, where, after arriving Aug. 23, they quickly put a”do not disturb” sign on the door of their ultra-luxe Romeo and Juliet suite.

Says an onlooker: “They were giggling and splashing like kids!”

“Our honeymoon was so perfect! We caught up on alone time,” Kardashian told Us after the sexy honeymoon.

Indeed, the hotel witness tells Us: “They only had eyes for each other…They were in their own little world.”

Kim Kardashian and husband Kris Humphries on their Italian Honeymoon

Kim kardashian and kris humphries hot honeymoon pic

The couple soaking up the sunshine and enjoying cooling dips in the pool”

The pair relaxed in the sun as they made the most of their time together

Despite there being two sunloungers, Kim instead preferred to share with Kris

The couple looked more interested in kissing and cuddling than exploring the local attractions

The pair couldn’t get enough of each other, and kissed and cuddled without worrying who saw

Kris heads off for some refreshments as Kim relaxes on her sunlounger

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