Kindle Fire Apps and Nook Apps Bring Your New Tablet to Life

nook taple apsAmazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color/Nook Tablet are going to be hot gifts this holiday season. While the Fire is primarily a way to read and watch Amazon’s content, and the Nook is a great e-reader, both are actually Android tablets that run thousands of apps. As you settle down on the couch with your bucket of egg nog, follow our lists and instructions to get the best, hottest apps on your new tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire
The easiest way to download apps onto the Kindle Fire is through the official Amazon AppStore. Here are the 16 Best Kindle Fire Appsto get you started.

If you also have an Android phone, you can run almost any Android app on the Kindle Fire. It takes quite a few steps to move the apps over, but it’s actually pretty easy.

You can also turn the Kindle Fire into a standard Android-powered tablet by “rooting” it and installing new ROMs. pledges to have instructions on how to do this with the new Kindle Fire 6.2.1 software soon.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color, Nook Tablet
Barnes & Noble’s app store on the Nook has fewer apps than the Amazon AppStore, but B&N says the apps are more precisely chosen to work well on the tablets. Get yourself started with the 15 Best Nook Tablet Apps.

A recent software update blocked the ability to hack and load non-B&N-approved apps on the Nook Tablet. The best place to look for updates on how to hack the Nook Tablet is on the discussion boards at xda-developers, where they’re searching for a new way to break into the tablet’s software and enable other apps to run.

For your smartphone app needs, meanwhile, check out: Download These Apps First For Your Brand-New Smartphone.


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