Life of CEO and founder of Mashable Pete Cashmore

A teenager who started a blog from the bedroom of his parents modest semi-detached home in Aberdeen is set to become a multimillionaire amid reports his website is to be sold to CNN for $200m.

Pete Cashmore (born September 18, 1985) is the CEO and founder of the popular blog Mashable, a Technorati Top 10 blog worldwide. He started blogging in 2005, to escape the boredom of his studies and indulge his growing interest in the phenomenon that is social networking.

Cashmore grew up in Banchory, 18 miles from Aberdeen. He was educated at the Banchory Academy but suffered health problems following surgery for appendicitis aged 13. Forced to recover at home he started spending time on the internet and began blogging about social networking aged 19.

He then turned his back on university and decided to work on the site full time when it began to take off.  The company is now said to be worth £127m and has offices in New York and San Francisco.

They have partnered with mainstream news sites, including CNN and ABC News.

Last month, Mashable drew 5.6 million unique U.S. visitors, according to comScore, roughly comparable to the 5.4 million that visited the tech news site Business Insider, run by Henry Blodget. AOL Inc.’s TechCrunch drew 3.2 million.

Pete said: “We’re a news site for the digital generation.

“It’s our responsibility to show how social and digital are changing the world. All these industries are being revolutionised. It’s come to technology first, but it will reach every industry.

“You’re going to have businesses rise and fall faster than ever. I’m part of a generation who think change is good or at least inevitable, so you might as well embrace it.”

Pete said setting up Mashable was appealing “partly because it was something I could do in bed and feel like I was achieving something” and “I’m just not good at obeying authority figures”.

He said: “In Aberdeenshire, I didn’t necessarily have a lot of opportunities to influence people, but the internet changed that.  I was able to really become engaged with people around the world in what I was interested in. I started writing about new firms, websites and applications so I could learn how it works and how to build companies. I didn’t know that was going to be the company.”

He’s been with Canadian girlfriend Lisa Bettany for two years. The 31-year-old former figure skater and model works as a photographer.

They met at a blogging conference in Las Vegas and romance blossomed via Facebook.

Lisa describes them both as workaholics. She said: “We barely get a weekend away but I’d love to come to Scotland and visit Banchory. It looks so hilly and green.

“The nearest we have got is London, although my grandparents live on the Isle of Man and I imagine it might be quite similar.

“At the moment, we are living in New York although we are really both small-town, countryside sort of people so sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.”

Two days in the life of Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore Video

Two days in the life of Mashable CEO, Pete Cashmore in San Francisco by Lisa Bettany. Pete hosts MashMeet, a party after the Google I/O conference, drinks coffee, and does an interview with Bloomberg.

Speaker Pete Cashmore on The Future of Social Media – Mashable Media Summit

Pete Cashmore and his girlfriend, Lisa Bettany in Vancouver. Lisa’s actually from Canada.
Pete Cashmore girlfriend Lisa Bettany
Pete Cashmore & Lisa Bettany Xmas Vacation on December 25, 2011
Lisa Bettany naked
Lisa Bettany in Bahamas trip on January 4, 2012
Lisa Bettany at casino

Pete Cashmore and Lisa Bettany at Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino.


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