Look what happens when this man confronts a London rioter [Facebook Scam]

A new kind of clickjacking scam is doing rounds in Facebook. Unlike other scams, all works inside Facebook, not on an external page. The scam posts are titled “Look what happens when this man confronts a London rioter”.

The posts look like this:

fb-riotClicking the link will take you to a community page that has an image looking like a normal YouTube video player. Actually, there is no video on the page and clicking the “Play” button (or anywhere else on the image) will just add the page to the list of pages you like.


Cyber-crooks behind the scheme have managed to do all this inside Facebook. After a few seconds, a typical selection of surveys cover the “video”. Completing any of the surveys might end up with signing up to a premium rate SMS/ring tone service if you are not careful enough to read the fine print.

Additionally, it might be more difficult for users to remove the malicious link, because the scam does not add messages to users’ Walls or News Feeds.

If you’ve fallen victim of this scam, remove the link as follows:

Click Info under your photo.

Locate Activites and Interests and click Edit.

Click Other Pages You Like.

Find the malicious item and click Remove Page.

Never complete any surveys, download files or copy-paste JavaScript code to see a video! These are sure signs of a scam on Facebook.

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