Make Unlimited Money Becoming Partner With Thesocialmediatoday

Thesocialmediatoday has tied up with big software company in USA for marketing their software. We need partners to promote softwares because we alone cannot provide required software installaions for the company. The best part of this is anyone can join.

Company Background:

Its huge USA based software company running from 1998 with turnover in millions in dollar.

How to earn from software marketing?

They pay us ( and you ) on pay per install basis. So when somebody downloads and install their software then we will earn.

They pay for following country software installs (means if somebody downloads and installs those software from these countries then we will paid)


Install Rates
Monthly Installs Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
1 to 3,000 $0.75 $0.40 $0.10
3,001 to 10,000 $1.00 $0.53 $0.15
10,001 to 20,000 $1.13 $0.59 $0.18
20,001 to 40,000 $1.21 $0.63 $0.19
40,001 to 80,000 $1.29 $0.67 $0.21
80,001 to 160,000 $1.37 $0.71 $0.22
over 160,000 $1.45 $0.75 $0.24
Tier Countries
1 United States, United Kingdom
2 Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands
3 Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
What is the minimum payout?
The minimum payout is $50. If this amount is not reached before the end of the month, then the balance will be rolled over to the next month, or until payout reaches $50.payment method – paypal
When are payments sent?
Payouts are processed on a net-30 basis (30 days after the end of each month). For example, payments for new installs made in March will be processed on April 30th. If the 30th is not a business day, then the payout is sent on the following business day.

What Type Software You have to promote?

All software are tested with antivirus and are spyware free. Some are general softwares like 7zip,VLC… you can choose one or more proucts from any of the following.

Our products List:

sofware promo
software promo

How to promote in your site or email marketing or social media sites or other internet marketing techniques?

We will give you simple code just put that on your site and you can also put this code with your own images.

How To See Installs Reports:

We will send you weekly report to you.

What is the partnership deal?

You will get 90% of revnue and socialmedia(our team) will take the rest.

How To Join This Program?

Webmasters,Internet marketers or email marketers or others anyone can join if you can provide downloads and installs. Simply use this contact form on our site and send your promotional ideas. If we  find it legit then we will email back to you.

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