Mark Zuckerberg on vacation with girlfriend in Shanghai : Spotted

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted on vacation with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan in Shanghai.

Much as they preferred to keep a low profile, the first couple of Internetdom were still unable to hide from journalists and netizens’ cameras and mobile phones. Passers-by who attempted to talk with Mr. Zuckerberg were immediately stopped by their body guards.

Apart from gallivanting at Tianzifang on Taikang Road, Zuckerburg and Chan were also seen at the Apple store (*gasp*) on Nanjing Road, “touching everything from iPad to iPhone, chatting with great interest for a while and watching other consumers.”

This, by the way, is not Zuckerberg’s first time in China. In December 2010, he was given a tour of the Baidu complex by Robin Li, founder of the Chinese search behemoth.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook is also currently paying a visit to China.

Update: According to Liu Kun, Greater China region manager of PopCap, Mark Zuckerberg has also appeared in Beijing.

[Photos via Oriental Morning Post and Micgadget]

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