Michael Learns To Rock Live in Nepal 2011

“We are happy to announce that Michael Learns To Rock will do a concert in Nepal in November. Further details on date and ticket information will follow soon.”- As said in MLTR official Website

mltr-live-in-nepal-2011BIOGRAPHY OF MLTR:

soft rock
Singer and keyboard player JASCHA RICHTER

In 2008 it’s been twenty years since MLTR played their first live-concert. The band celebrate their anniversary by releasing their seventh studio-album. The album is titled ”Eternity” – maybe a good indication that the band plan to make music for as long as they still find joy in the process.

The many classics from MLTR are still heavily rotated on the Danish radio stations. Hardly ever does a day go by without DR P4 (Denmarks largest radio channel) playing one or more MLTR tunes. This qualify MLTR as one of the absolut greatest ”popmakers”. Their writing talent is still used in on ”Eternity”, which adds potential smash-hits such as ”When Tomorrow Comes” (first single) and ”Sweet Surprise”, to the already great hit-material.

With a global recordsale of nearly 10 million copies since the debutalbum in 1991, the story of MLTR is not only a story of the greatest international act ever to come out of Denmark, but also a story of an exception among artists! Opposite many other international acts MLTR’s way to success has never been about scandals, divorce, drugs or an extreme way of living. It’s always been about music! About an incredible gift to write great pop songs and about being able to get through to their audience securing the band a rising fan crowd as well as record sales.

MLTRs music has been described as the Scandinavian light meeting the classic international popsong. Refined through the years by great artists such as The Beatles, Eagles, Elton John and Billy Joel.

It all began in 1987 at a high-school in Aarhus. Singer and keyboardplayer JASCHA RICHTER (born 1963) drummer KÅRE WANSCHER (born 1969) and guitarist MIKKEL LENTZ (born 1968) form a small ”café-band”. All three are great music lovers and they decide to form a more serious band using the songs Jacsha Richter has composed. In the Spring of ’88 SØREN MADSEN (born 1967) who is a guitarist agrees to join the band as a bass-player for a single rehearsal night. He stays on and MLTR is a reality. The group have their debut in Aarhus in May 1988 and later the same year they compete in a big talent competition in Aarhus. MLTR win and find their new manager among the judge panel. Mr. JP ANDERSEN sees great talent in the young quartet.

The next two years the band tour intensely. They perform everywhere in Denmark and keep developing their repertoire, their work on music and their vocal harmonies which are an important element in the groups sound. And – they get the record deal, they so badly wished for. MLTR spend the next months in the studio recording with the Danish producers Jens Hofman and Oli Poulsen – and in September 1991 they release their debutalbum “MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK”. “THE ACTOR” is one of the songs on the album and this great ballad plays an important part getting the album to the top of the Danish charts in January 1992 where the record goes number 1. The song travels faster than the band and goes number one on the charts in Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines . In 1992 MLTR tour intensively in Denmark – they are the new big hit in their homeland – and they visit several countries in the far east. Along the way Jascha Richter writes the songs to the second album “COLOURS” which already is released in October 1993.

Once again the bands unique sence for the great ballad secure the success. “SLEEPING CHILD” really kicks off the MLTR-mania. The next 18 months are spend touring most of the world and the record sells more than 1 million copies. “COLOURS” is released in most of Europe and in the far east. “SLEEPING CHILD” and the next two singles “25MINUTES” and “OUT OF THE BLUE” go to the top of the charts and the band receive many gold and platinum albums. In Thailand the crowd goes mad when the band in November arrives to Bangkok. MLTR play a show for 12.000 fans at The Phoebus Concert Hall. As the perfect ending to a perfect year MLTR receive the prestigious RSH Award in Germany and are honoured “The Best Performing Act of the Year” at the SEA Grammy Award in Singapore.

In 1995 ”PLAYED ON PEPPER” – the third album from MLTR is released. The international territory is even bigger this time and MLTR is released as far as Brazil, South Africa, The United Arab Emirates and 11 countries in the far east. The album is released in all of Scandinavia and in the rest of Europe the record is released in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland etc. In October MLTR begin their biggest tour of the far east so far playing 25 concerts in 10 countries. New hits such as “THAT’S WHY (YOU GO AWAY)” and “SOMEDAY” are added to the setlist. “PLAYED ON PEPPER” sells more than 1.2 million copies and in 1996 the band release the greatest hits album “PAINT MY LOVE”. This album is released exclusively in the far east and this album really makes the band one of the greatest international acts ever in countries such as South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. The bands popularity explodes in South Africa and after four days of hectic promotion the band is number one on the countrys charts. “PAINT MY LOVE” sells 3,4 millions worldwide and the band headline The Celebrate Hong Kong Concert on Juli 6, 1997 which is the climax of the festivities during the turning over of Hong Kong to China.

While still working internationally around ”PAINT MY LOVE” the band also find time to record their fourth studio album “NOTHING TO LOSE” which is released worldwide in September 1997. From the new album the rock song “SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW” makes the way to yet another success for the band and the album sells more than 1 million copies. When the band in January 1998 tour South Africa, with sold out shows in Johannesburg and Pretoria, the critics write: ”This is as good (if not better !) a band as any current big name group out of America or the UK.”

Nine turbulente years later the band decide to take a break – from each other and from the pop world. Jascha Richter however has new songs ready and “STRANGE FOREIGN BEAUTY” is chosen to go before the new greatest hits album “GREATEST HITS”. This album contains the top hits from the first four albums either remixed, re-recorded or changed in other ways. The album is released in 1999 and once again an album from MLTR goes straight to the top of the charts in Denmark and opens up new territories such as Portugal. Once again the band can add 1 million sold record to the list.

Søren Madsen decides to go solo right before the band begins preparing for studioalbum number 5. Richter, Lentz and Wanscher decide to continue as a trio. Album number five is called “BLUE NIGHT” and once again MLTR choose a Danish producer – Mr. Boe Larsen.

”BLUE NIGHT” repeates history and is yet another success for the band. The album goes close to platinum in Denmark and it also hits the charts in Asia as well as in the new market Sweden. In 2001 the band starts a five week tour of Dubai, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China. Just before the tour is kicked off a new greatest hits album “19 LOVE SONGS” is released in Southeast Asia. The brand new song “GHOST OF YOU” is also included on the album. The album is released in Denmark in 2002. Before the tour the band have decided to take a longer break when they have finished the tour. A break to work on other projects. A break which results in the album “PLANET BLUE” from Richter.
MLTR starts working on their sixth album in the beginning of 2003. Jascha Richter decides to challenge his writing and travels in Scandinavia to co-write with a lot of other songwriters on material to the next album. This results in a number of songs and when the band, the following year, go into the studio to record the old chemistry is back. MLTR take control of the recordings and coop with a long list of different people in the process. The enormous engagement from the band makes yet another sparkling MLTR-album. The trio also decide to return to the original name and the album is simply titled “MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK” and is released in 2004. 10 new fantastic popsongs written by Jascha Richter in cooperation with Swedish and Danish songwriters such as Johan Stentorp, Chief 1, Nick Jarl, Moh Denebi and John Gordon. All of these writers are also producers which shines through on the new album. Other musicians do also play a part on this album, which includes Richter in a beautiful duet on the ballad “HOME” with singer Julie Berthelsen (Greenland).

To shoot off the new album MLTR go on an extensive club tour in Denmark in Nov/Dec 2003. On this tour MLTR presented their new bass player IDA KIRSTINE NIELSEN – also from Aarhus. From this album especially “FROSTBITE” showed as a true MLTR classic and radio favourite.

During the summer of 2004 MLTR play one of their largest tours in Denmark in several years, along with promotion tours in the UAE and China. China has become one of the biggest markets and the new release is big news in the media. Old territories are not forgotten and in Jan/Feb 2005 MLTR tour Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. In the fall the band tour India with shows in Mumbai, Bangalore and Shillong. MLTR ends another hectic year with shows in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Shanghai, China. In Shanghai MLTR perform in the pit during the gigantic Formula 1 race.

In the summer 2007 MLTR played shows in Taiwan and Malaysia. And in November 2007 the band once again faced a number on placement on the Chinese charts with their latest release – ”The Live Adventures Of Michael Learns To Rock” – one month after giving shows in Shanghai, Beijing and Zhou Shan. ”The Live Adventures…” was basically a Greatest Hits album played live – and the tracklist itself explains their succes in the far east where songs such as ”Sleeping Child”, ”25 minutes”, ”That´s Why (You Go Away)”, ”Take Me To Your Heart”, ”Strange Foreign Beauty” and ”Paint My Love” are close to a status as evergreens.

2008 has primarily been about recording “ETERNITY”. The recordings where put on hold in August where the band played a one-off show at “Danmarks Smukkeste Festival” in Skanderborg, Denmark. As a unique thing the songs played at this concert was requested by the audience who, in advance, had voted for the songs they would like to hear. The crowd joined in and everybody sang along. Yes, MLTR is definitely still a band the audience are keen on seeing and hearing. The band follow the release of “ETERNITY” with a tour in Denmark and abroad. More performances in 2011 are coming up and MLTR is already again working on new songs for the next album.

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