Microsoft Redesigns Bing Maps Interface

Microsoft has rolled out a redesign of the Bing Maps interface, consolidating most of the task and navigation options in a control bar on top of the page.

You can now use the top bar to change the type of view, activate traffic information and streetside view, get directions, load map apps, and print and share the current location on the map. Some options and controls are also still available in the sidebar on the left, which can be opened and closed at will.

The new interface will change according to where you are; for example, if you’re accessing Bing Maps from the UK, you will see an extra “London Street Map” option in the top bar.

Finally, if you use a browser that supports the W3C Geolocation API (such as the latest version of Firefox), you’ll see a button called “locate me” that looks like a target, located at the top left of the map. Click on it, and the browser will center the map to your current location.

How do you like the new Bing Maps interface? Do you like it more than Google Maps?


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