New Apple iPod Feature 4.1-inch Scree

tall_ipod_touch_front_panel_frontAs the tech world fanfare continues to churn out iPhone 5 rumours, newly leaked images have claimed to out the front panel of the next-generation iPod Touch, hinting at a new 4.1-inch screen inclusion.

Offering potential insight into Apple’s plans for its next-generation PMP, as well as the long awaited iPhone 5 handset, the latest claimed leaks have showcased a component largely similar in design to the current-generation models, only with a larger void for an upscaled screen.

One of the most heavily rumoured features expected to touch down on the iPhone 4S replacing new iPhone 5 later this year, the new reports are the first to speculate on a revision of the iPod Touch’s display, suggesting Apple is to rollout a new screen standard across its full range of portable devices.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumours

Tipped as the last handset to have been worked on, designed and developed by the talismanic Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs prior to his death, the heavily rumoured Apple iPhone 5 is seemingly set to come in for a complete overhaul ahead of its expected October release.

As well as making the jump to a quad-core processor and improving the camera optics, a number of recent iPhone 5 rumours have suggested the handset will see the Cupertino based company move on from its previously stoic 3.5-inch form factor in favour of a larger display and all new handset design.


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