New Changes in Google Privacy Policy – Good or Bad

New Changes in Google Privacy Policy – Good or Bad
Google has launched an all new privacy policy which is becoming extremely controversial day by day According to EU the new privacy which has been launched trespasses all laws and breaches all data laws. Despite being informed of the current vulnerable situation, the search giant is still willing to go on forward with its plan.

Personal data and information collection:

When you go on to create an account in Google, Google will be asking you your name, phone number, address, details and many other factors. This can be avoided if you are not willing to display your publicly on the net. You could delete all of the information for your own privacy on the net. If you are willing to hide all the information and make your profile a bit more private than the rest this is the best thing you could do. This is practically a very safe and easy option because it will take you just a few minutes to do the entire process. But some may prefer to share their data online without any hesitation as well.

Mergence of the multiple accounts into one:
Google’s new privacy policy is undoubtedly one of the most controversial policies which they have created till date. It seems to have violated all the European laws and regulations about policies and the net. The most astounding part of the entire story is that Google will be tracking all your accounts as one. If you have or if you are planning to create different accounts on the net just to stay anonymous to everyone, it will be all in vain. That is because Google is now able to combine all your accounts using all your accounts with one. It will attach one single profile to all their services. The French agency which has been in charge of the investigation of this matter stated that the explanation which was given by Google was extremely vague and that it was quite difficult for high skilled professionals to crack the whole matter too.

Sharing all details of online activity:

Google claims that their new policy which has been launched is a one-size-fits-all type of a policy. This would be enabling Google to share private data in between its services. The Giant Search Engine says that this is necessary for them in order to use the information which is being harvested from the Google searches to hunt down more advertisers. But in this way, all the personal data of the users are being shared online without any proper approval from the user himself. This might be offensive to the user as he may not like it. The French organization has already started to gather evidence and other necessary data in order to confront the Google authorities about the drastic change in policy in such a short notice. The case would be taken up in full swing in January.

Flawed privacy in the name of better user’s experience:

The Protection authorities of EU have requested the CNIL (French regulator) to take over the case in full swing in January. An initial analysis by their esteemed authorities revealed that the case policy violates all the barriers and prohibitions in the European laws. But Google denies all the allegations saying that the policy has “User’s benefit” as its primary concern. Google says that this new privacy policy allows them to help the users better as it makes things easier and faster for them. Suggestion of search queries or tailoring of search results is a few ways by which Google intends to make things easier for their users. But still that is not an appropriate reason for such a policy according to the Laws. The Commission has called upon the data protection authorities of Europe in order to handle this case of Google with proficiency and efficiency.


Google has been implanting brand new policies right from its inception but this is the first time that they happened to bring out such a controversial policy. This policy can be beneficial as well non-beneficial to the users. It depends on how you look at the entire matter. Your perspective of Google’s new policy would determine for whether it is truly beneficial or not. Though many advocates and bloggers have objected to the ideas of the new policy such as online sharing of date, combining all profiles as one etc, it is solely upon you to decide how the change of policy by Google would be affecting you.



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