New YouTube Design Is Now Officially

YouTube’s video page overhaul, which the company itself says is one of the biggest redesigns in its history, is about to get noticed by a lot more people today.

A YouTube redesign is something that could explode tremendously. We have seen it occur before with slight pattern changes that Google has been heavily criticized for. That’s substantially a categorical reason because a new Cosmic Panda pattern is offering as an choice to a default YouTube pattern and layout.

Users who would like to switch can open a Cosmic Panda page to do so. And if they do not like a new thesis they can switch behind to a default design.

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

So what is in store for users who make a switch? A new demeanour and feel everywhere, some-more designs and collection and a choice to watch videos in Chrome while navigating on YouTube. You will see many of a changes once we open a video page on YouTube.

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

The new video page has a wider, clearer design. Especially a comment, outline and video idea territory has been overhauled. Video suggestions have been changed down to make room for a video and an ad that is display adult on a right side of a video. The video is automatically changed to a left of a shade if an ad is loaded.

That’s substantially a biggest indicate of critique that we privately have. Especially if a ad on a right is not static. That’s a lot of ads subsequent to or on a video.

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

What we like is a ability to change video sizes on a fly, a wider video previews on a same page and a new suggested videos page that is now creation use of a full breadth of a space next a video.

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

YouTube Channels are looking a lot better, cleaner and some-more veteran than before.

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

The bigger video thumbnails on a other palm supplement to a straight distance of a page that means that users need to corkscrew some-more to see a same volume of videos.

Everything is a lot clearer on a channel page. Chrome users will advantage from a new “keep watching” feature. The video that is now personification is displayed during a tip of a shade if a user navigates in Chrome to another page while personification a video.

YouTube Redesign Cosmic Panda Now Available

That’s accessible to supplement some-more equipment to a playlist or navigate a video portal while listening and examination (albeit in a little screen) to a stream video.

Is a new YouTube a step in a right direction. The site looks some-more veteran and cleaner now. Google did divided with a aged templates and combined 4 modern, yet unequivocally identical looking, templates to a site of that a channel owners can name one. It is similarly probable to change a credentials tone of a channel’s page and upload a trademark for branding purposes.

One of a new facilities that has not been mentioned nonetheless are avatars that users can upload. It is expected that many userscripts and some browser extensions will stop operative if a new pattern is activated. It will however be usually a matter of time until a developers tell updates that work with a new YouTube design.

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