Orange Windows Phone 7 app giveaway starts

Orange Windows Phone 7

Orange Windows Phone 7 app giveaway starts as Microsoft hits 25,000 app milestone.

Orange Windows Phone 7 customers will be able to get a free app of the day, every day, for the next 31 days worth up to £70, the UK phone operator has announced.

The news, which comes as Microsoft celebrates hitting the 25,000 app milestone in it’s app marketplace, will be open to all WP7 users on Orange.

All customers with an Orange Windows Phone can download the free apps from the exclusive ‘Orange Selects’ folder on Windows Marketplace.

The offer isn’t available to O2, or Vodafone customers with a Windows Phone 7 smartphone.

Orange says they will be choosing a selection of the best apps, with the top app available to download for free – just for that day.

This list will change every day, with the customer able to download a total of 31 individual apps worth more than £70.

Apple runs a similar offering for it’s iPhone and iPad customers inbetween Christmas and New Year. Called the 12 Days of Christmas, Apple offers iBooks, apps, video, and albums to anyone that wants to download them. Running for a couple of years, the promotion is very popular.

Orange and Microsoft are presumably hoping it will deliver the same results.

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