Patrick Vieira Announces Retirement: Twitter Explodes

There is a real closeness in this day and age between sports, sportsmen and women and social media. Whenever something is happening in the world of sport the likes of Twitter and Facebook know about it and see a spike in traffic especially on Twitter. Now we have heard that Patrick Vieira has announced his retirement from professional football and Twitter has exploded yet again.

We saw a similar trend when Sami Hyypia and Paul Scholes retired from professional football as players and took up other roles at the club. Patrick Vieira is a name that many will remember from his premier league days at Arsenal where he became the club captain and won an abundance of trophies. He was also present in the Euro and World Cup campaigns where he was the dominating force in the French central midfield position.

With lots of different trophies to his name and being club and international captain for a lot of the time during his career, he has become a well respected member in the world of football. There’s a massive number of Tweets hitting the social network where people are talking about his career and wishing him well in his new role at Manchester City as a Football Development Executive, where he will be involved with the development of young players amongst other things.

At the moment we are seeing hundreds of Tweets about the retirement, some of them say things like “Thanks for all the great memories Patrick Vieira! #Arsenal #Legend” whilst others are pointing out that Arsenal haven’t won anything notable since he departed in July 2005. You can read all about the man himself and his career by clicking on this link.

If you would like to read through some of the Twitter searches for his retirement then you can read the related news by clicking here and if you would like to add your own message the tags that seem to be trending include #Arsenal, #PatrickVieira and #Legend. If on the other hand you are more interested in reading the news about him, we would recommend checking out the official Arsenal website or perhaps the article over on where he looks to have found a place for a Roberto Mancini style scarf already.

What is your best memory of Patrick Vieira in his career at Arsenal, Juventus, Inter Milan, Manchester City and France? Let us know in the comments section below.

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