Best Facebook Status updates Ideas Inforgraphic and video

Here are few simple ideas that helps to make our Facebook status updates more interesting and interactive. According to San Francisco-based Go West Social, the developer of  Facebook status scheduling app Post Planner has come up with 8 Facebook status update ideas in Infographic with which we can get more likes, comments and clicks, thereby improve the visibility of our Page on the social networking site.

8 Status Update Ideas by Post Planner are listed here:

  • Ask questions or ask for advice.
  • Post Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Share interesting links, photos, and causes with your updates
  • Talk about the interesting News
  • Ask for Likes
  • Target different Fans
  • Talk about Facebook
  • Celebrate Today
INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Ways To Conquer Facebook Statuses

8 Ways To Conquer Facebook Statuses: INFOGRAPHIC

How To Write Better Status Updates on Facebook video

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