Released date: Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘official Olympics phone’

After weeks of speculation we now know when the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be unveiled to an expectant world in only a few weeks time. The new smartphone is also tipped to be the official device for the 2012 London Olympics as consumers wait for one of the most wanted handsets to be released.

The device will be showcased in London on Thursday May 3rd with a special event that is a move similar to what rival Apple uses for the iPhone. Fans of the previous two versions of Samsung’s flagship device have great expectations of what the latest version will bring with some tasty specs rumoured to be coming.

A number of ‘leaks’ of the Samsung Galaxy SIII phone have already emerged online, but none of these devices, which are usually slim and tapered, has been confirmed as genuine.

Samsung Galaxy SIII specs

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Specifications for the new mobile phone’s processor remain unclear as well; many manufacturers are now producing “quad core devices”, using improved processors that provide improved performance but have been criticised in some instances, such as the HTC One X, for compromising battery life. If Samsung’s new devices are not keeping pace with their rivals, however, the manufacturer is likely to face criticism.

The Samsung Galaxy SII has been the most popular Android handset by search terms for approximately six months, and a successor had been expected to launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier in the year.

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