Remote control for life!!

Sometimes how I wish there was Pause || or Fast Forward ||> or Replay <|| buttons in our life, so that one could avoid the mistakes and enjoy as much as possible.


 Like this morning after long time I rode a big local bus (as most of them are replaced by Micro and Force Bus).  It is lot more comfortable and if it is not office time it can take you to your destination in reasonable time. With roads getting wider and traffic jams of minimal time, one can opt for such ride if you are my type and love the spacious window seat . Meanwhile I love reading books or newspaper as owning to the speed and less bumping and slower brake applying, it doesn’t give much pressure to the eyes, you should know when to turn your vision from book’s page to the outside scene though. And if its difficult to read, listening music with the soft wind blowing is another great option. Anyway, it was still drizzling outside, with biography of Anthony Hopkins turned to initial pages how I wished this ride never ended….


There are many other events and stages which you wish would never finish … holidays or picnics or your favorite TV shows [I wished Friends could have 20-30 seasons and not just 10 🙁 ] And then there are times which you wish could be re winded , like those wonderful school or college days ….and sometimes when time seem to be running out and you are in such a hurry to take a decision amidst different options and choices  how you wish you could pause your life a while, cool down your mind and think thoroughly……

But wishes are wishes I even wish if there was a fast forward button for lousy working days or arguments and stupid fights …imagine all that and you have a perfect life 🙂 stupid as it sounds but we could pause or stop once in a while. The instant reaction, if given a second thought could do less harm, before spilling your anger or acting rude if you take few moments to think from the other side/party with whom you are reacting, well it could really save much of the cold wars and disputes. But our mood is our mood ….and specially my mood…..Don’t even ask….got last minute call from the auditor, who gives me 2 days time to finish the work I had been planning for 24 days…..Phewww!!!!here I wish I had slowing down button….Got to Go!! till my pending works are completed …Enjoy!!

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