Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif Got Married in Church

The biggest ever sensational news is out Salman got married to Katrina and the video is now leaked in public. You might be thinking that we are here to create sensation new but that’s not the truth. This sensational is all about the deleted scene from the movie Ek Tha TIger.

We have found video of few of the scenes which millions of people who have watched the movie have not seen. These all scenes are being deleted from the movie at the time of editing.

In the scene Katrina take the oath that very married men take at the time of marriage and then the moment comes when the priest says you may now kiss the bride did he kiss Katrina this all you will know once you watch the video.

It’s too bad on Salman’s part as not even in the movie is able to get his life partner don’t you think so?


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