The most satisfying sex position

We came across a new survey that found that only 12 percent of women always orgasm from basic penetration. Annoying, right? So we asked experts if there is any way to up that number—turns out, there is. Enter the miracle move that is the Coital Alignment Technique, aka the CAT. There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of this position

That’s because it made headlines back when Madonna spoke without a British accent and the term thongs legitimately referred to flip-flops. In 1988, a researcher set out to find a way to make man-on-top missionary a more climax- 2011friendly position for women. And bless his heart, he succeeded in doing so with the invention of the CAT.

So why are we talking about this more than two decades later? Well, despite its initial popularity, the CAT fell off everyone’s radar after a few years. Fortunately, a new batch of sexperts decided to break the CAT out of its time capsule. They had women who had never been able to climax during missionary put this method to work and when they did, they experienced a 56 percent increase in orgasms after a mere three weeks! Not too shabby.
Given those very promising findings, we’ve decided to pave the way for a CAT comeback. Here’s everything you need to know about this potent position: what exactly it is, how to master it, plus a few erotic twists to try once you have the basics down.

The cat’s mission statement
As we said, the CAT is essentially a variation of man-on-top missionary. The idea is to get the base of your guy’s penis, or his pubic bone, to make consistent contact with your clitoris. And that, combined with a more in-unison rhythm (instead of him thrusting rapidly, you two should move together in a sort of rocking motion), can give most women the stimulation they need to bring on an orgasm.

“In traditional missionary, the emphasis is on an in-and-out penetration,” says Sonia Borg, Ph.D., author of Spectacular Sex Moves He’ll Never Forget. “The problem with that is the penis doesn’t go near the clitoris, making it difficult—and for a lot of women, impossible—to climax.”
And while there are other positions that will give your lady parts the attention they deserve, there’s just something about missionary that makes you feel super-close, physically and emotionally, to your guy.

Ready for more Os?
So here’s how to do it: for CAT to work, you have to get into a position where your guy’s pelvic area can connect to your hot spot. In order to make that happen, lie on your back and have him shift forward after he enters you so that his chest is closer to your shoulders, says Borg. “Then, with the base of his penis pressing against your clitoris, your guy should slowly thrust deeper and less frequently—the two of you should end up swaying back and forth together.”

Kerner explains that everyone has their own groove, so don’t feel reined in by one particular technique. For instance, your guy can also gently grind against you in a figure-eight or circular movement, or you can tell him to hold still while you work yourself against him. In general, Kerner says, either tilting your pelvis up or having your guy place his hands under your butt and pulling you into him will help maintain the pressure against your clitoris.

Naughty extras
Once you’ve nailed the basic CAT, you can experiment with a few advanced takes on it. For those of you who prefer deeper penetration, Borg suggests propping up your pelvis with several pillows. You could also try what Borg calls the seated CAT: stack pillows behind your guy so he’s sitting up, and have him stretch his legs out straight. Then settle onto his lap so you’re both sitting and your chests are touching. Wrap your legs around his butt and swivel around, rubbing your clitoris against his body. The best part about the CAT is that there are so many ways to experiment and make it your own. So tell your guy to clear his calendar because he’s your guinea pig for the next few nights. Something tells us he’ll be A-OK with that.

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