Sayad Movie Review

It’s very hard to tell the genre of the movie Saayad. Lately with the trend of Nepali movie changing and new generation expecting more from Nepali cinema, Saayad stands in the line between the regular movies and the new type of cinema that people praise more of creativity after “Loot”. I had expected the movie to be more comic than I had found in the movie. No-one expect Wilson Bikram Rai stands out in the comic role and when the comedy is for unethical stuffs, people control their laughs, that what happened at least to me and the people around in the QFX central. Saayad is a mix of thoughts in teenagers and senior people, with blood shed violence, drug dose scenes,and college fun. Movie shows the impact of drug addiction in society, family and the person themselves. Drug makes them careless about their studies, makes them involve in fight, and even dare to kill their own dear ones. Though Saayad has the theme of “what If” some event had not happened, the message to the people is not that clear on what the point they are trying to make. Also I noted the reason behind the drug intake for Yoden (Samyam Puri) is not that significant in putting out the message for the people.The movie tickles you at times with the teary emotions, funny dialogues by “Korean Pharsi”, and the insane character of Samyam Puri. He plays perfect for the phobia act in the lead role, and may remove the tag of being son of director Narayan Puri but others may disagree of that being too early to predict with just a single character. Suraj Subba Nalbo has experimented his screenplay with his new directorial touch, but sometimes the old traditions comes into play out of nowhere. Besides some side roles acting defects, good acting by lead roles, fast story flow, freshness in new character played by new actors and the Shadows title song makes the movie refreshing, critical acclaim and entertaining. Though entertaining and grasps people in the whole flow, the movies leaves questions in the people why this, why that, and what if that could have happened.




Watch The Shadows band OST “Saayad”


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