Shocking pictures: Rihanna’s ‘White Powder’ Images Cause Twitter Debate

Rihanna has caused a massive Twitter stir after images taken at the Coachella Festival in California last night (April 17) appear to show the singer playing with a white powder substance. #coachella

The 24-year-old Bajan beauty shared numerous photos from the event online with her fans but in one picture posted on Instagram last night, a close-up shows a potentially controversial image of a white powder on the head of her bodyguard whose shoulders she is sitting on.

Rihanna Instagram images
Rihanna posts white power pictures on Instagram at Coachella

The blown-up image has caused such a reaction with fans that well over 1,000 comments have already been posted debating just what the image appears to show and Twitter has gone mad with theories. Some are suggesting the white powder substance to be cocaine whilst others are finding it hilarious that Rihanna would was allegedly “rolling up on the head” of her bodyguard. One fan even suggests that the image is “the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”.

Rihanna twitter tweets

Rihanna wrote on her Twitter page

Rihanna wrote on her Twitter page in regards to the photograph; “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”

Rihanna controvsal orginal picture

Rihanna at Coachella Look - the other pics show nothing on his head.

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