Short Animated Film Confuses, Entrances: ‘Going To The Store’ (VIDEO)

Short Animated film

A wildly bizarre short-animated film, “Going to the Store,” entranced hundreds of thousands of people on YouTube this weekend. Nobody is quite sure what the appeal is here — some laugh, some say WTF, but nobody can stop watching.

Perhaps it taps into some base desire to go flailing through the streets, but more likely it’s the tagline — “normal guy normal walk” — that gets you, as does the tellingly subtle ending.

The film is animated by David Lewandowski, the lead animator on “Tron: Legacy.” He created this short for the final episode of Channel101’s “Everything” series, a non-profit short film festival. The “normal guy” in the film is walking to music by Jean Jacques Perrey’s “Little Ships.”

Watch Shot Animated Film Confuses Video

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