Smartphones Now Outsell Traditional Phones

Smartphones Now Outsell Traditional Phones

According to a recent Nielsen survey, smartphones now constitute the lion’s share of new phone purchases.

From Nielsen:

55 percent of those who purchased a new handset in the past three months reported buying a smartphone instead of a feature phone, up from 34 percent just a year ago.

The survey also contains some troubling news for Google’s Android OS. Though it continues to be the most popular smartphone operating system, with 38 percent of the smartphone market, iPhone has shown the most growth over the last three months.

Android purchase remained flat at 27 percent between February and May, while iPhone purchases jumped from 10 percent to 17 percent over the same period.

Information Week hypothesizes that the iPhone’s growth may be do in large part to two factors. First, that Apple’s partnership with Verizon has made the iPhone available to a new set of consumers. Second, that Apple recently made the iPhone 4 available in white.

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