2012 Archive

The shortest day of year

The shortest day marks the point when the days start to get longer and the nights shorter, and has profound cultural meaning around the world and throughout history. The shortest day, winter solstice and midwinter are the colloquial terms used to describe the 24 ...Read More

E3 2012 Fifa 13 Sizzle Trailer

Ahead of the September 28th FIFA 13 UK release date, EA Sports has revealed an ‘extensive’ selection of FIFA 13 pre-order incentives Developer EA Sports has revealed a flurry of new FIFA 13 pre-order details describing the advanced order offerings as its “most extensive ...Read More

Apple MacBook Air 2012 preview

While I previously concluded that iOS 6 stole the show at WWDC, Apple’s announcement of the Retina display MacBook Pro is definitely a close second. While I abandoned my MacBook Pro when the second generation MacBook Air arrived on the scene, this is the ...Read More
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