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Amazon updates Kindle Fire, breaks root

Amazon released a promised over-the-air update for its Kindle Fire this evening. Amazon says the update “enhances fluidity and performance, improves touch navigation responsiveness, [and] gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel.” It also includes the option of adding ...Read More

Amazon selling Kindle Fire at loss

Amazon selling Kindle Fire at loss: IHS NEW YORK: Inc’s Kindle Fire tablet, which started shipping this week, costs $201.70 to make, a research firm said. That’s $2.70 more than Amazon charges for it. The analysis by IHS indicates that Amazon is, at ...Read More

Amazon will build smartphone soon

Amazon ‘to build smartphone’ Amazon is developing a smartphone to bolster its hardware challenge to Android manufacturers and Apple, according to Citigroup analysts. The financial firm based its claim on discussions with electronics manufacturers based in Taiwan. It said that Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer ...Read More
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