Soulja Boy Says Social Media Will Be The Focus Of Music In Coming Years

While looking at the drop off in sales of his last album, Soulja Boy tells the Wall Street Journal that social media and technical innovation will save the industry.

While Soulja Boy’s album sales haven’t been the same since his 2007 debut,, his singles have continued to move major units. But, that seems to be the same for most artists these days.

One thing the 21-year-old hip-hop star has continued to be successful at is his use of social media. Utilizing platforms like Twitter (3.3 million followers), Facebook (6.3 million likes), Youtube (nearly 500K subscribers), and Tumblr, Soulja Boy stays ahead of the curve, embracing nearly every new median to take off.

Soulja Boy New Video

Soulja Boy

Why? As he explained in a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, social media will be the focus of the music industry in the years to come.

“I think over the next five to ten years, artists are gonna resort to touring, of course,” Soulja Boy told the WSJ. “But I also think social media is gonna kick in to the next level. With the iPhone, the iPad and everything that’s coming out, there’s gonna be a new invention for the way people consume music.”

Right now, the music biz is still trying to figure out how to profit at a time when free music is so abundant … so is Soulja Boy.

To date, his fourth and latest LP, The DeAndre Way has sales just short of 100,000. However, his single “Pretty Boy Swag” has been certified platinum and also made the top 30 list of Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart.

Still, Soulja Boy is making money … and has plans to stay on top of the latest innovations in the coming years.

See the full Wall Street Journal interview below with Soulja Boy

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