What is Sparks in google+ and how to use it ?

About Goole+ Sparks

Sparks brings you stories on the things you love from all across the Web, so it’s easy to strike up meaningful conversations with your friends.google-plus-sparks

When you first arrive in Sparks, you’ll see a collection of featured interests. If nothing strikes your fancy, search for a different interest.

Let’s say you’re learning to juggle. You can search for ‘juggling,’ then add it as an interest so you can always be kept up to date on the world of object manipulation. And if you get tired of people calling you a clown all the time, you can remove this interest.


Share your sparks

When you find something interesting in Sparks, you might want to talk about it with other people you know. Click Share to pull your circles into a conversation and ignite your spark.

Add an interest

You can add interests in Sparks to follow the latest stories that matter to you most. After you search in Sparks, click Add interest. You can quickly access your interests by clicking the interest name beneath the Sparks link. Don’t worry, the interests you add in Sparks are kept private.

Remove an interest

Not interested in something anymore? No worries. It’s easy to remove an interest in Sparks. Beneath the Sparks link, mouse over the interest you want to remove and click the X.

You can add new interests to replace your old ones.

Read the full content that generated a spark

Results from searches in Sparks only show a piece of the content — enough to give you the flavor of the spark, but not enough to see the details of a story. If you want to see the full piece of content that a spark is based on, just click the title of the spark.

If you’ve found something other people you know might want to see, you can share the spark.

Send feedback about Sparks results

Improving Sparks results is important to us. To send us feedback, make sure you’re currently viewing your Sparks results and follow these steps:

  1. Click the gear icon.
  2. Click Report an issue.
  3. Highlight the results that you’d like to report.
  4. Black out any personal information.
  5. In the text box, let us know what you searched for and any other results you’ve seen in the past on the same search query.
  6. Click Preview to double-check your report.
  7. Click Send feedback to Google.


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