StumbleUpon Lets Bloggers Share Content With New Widget

StumbleUpon just launched a new widget maker for bloggers that allows them to showcase content found on StumbleUpon on their websites.

The Widget Creator lets users create a box featuring content from certain sites (say, all your favorite tech blogs), content that adheres to certain topics (art, music, entertainment, etc), or content that they Stumble.

Just choose what elements you want, and the Creator churns out a line of code that you can then add to your website. The code will generate a box — you can choose the size — featuring your content of choice.

Granted, this widget has the potential to drive more traffic to StumbleUpon — seeing as how when you click on content you are taken to the site — but it could be a useful tool for web publishers who own several domains and want a way to aggregate all their content across sites, according to a rep from StumbleUpon.

Personally, we can see the widget working as a more polished version of the traditional blogroll, fostering a symbiotic relationship between publishers.

What do you think? Would you include a widget featuring your Stumbles on your site?

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