Tendulkar to give suggestion to Man United

Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar is set to sign up as goalkeeping advisor for Manchester United.sachin-tendulkar

Sensational developments in England indicate that the Indian batting maestro will lend his guidance to the Old Trafford club after the on-going ICC Cricket World Cup ends on Saturday.

A United insider, Olof Ripla, revealed to ESPNSTAR.com that Sir Alex Ferguson is a huge admirer of the Indian batsman and was glued to the television screen throughout his innings against England. Tendulkar smashed a century against Andrew Strauss’ men in a World Cup game in February.

With incumbent Edwin van der Sar retiring at the end of the season, the Red Devils will have a new man between the posts for the next campaign and Fergie is keen for Sachin to help the newcomer with his hand-to-eye co-ordination as well as impart some endurance tips.

“Sachin is a great sportsman who has been on top of his game for more than two decades,” said sports physiologist Ram Vidur Kumar.

“He will certainly have a positive impact on Van der Sar’s successor. Goalkeepers in football often find themselves in similar situations to batsmen. A fast-paced object is hurtling towards them at a rapid pace and how well you deal with it depends on your footwork, speed and how quickly you can make out the path of the ball, ” continued Kumar.

Many have hailed this move as yet another masterstroke by the wily United manager.

“Trust Sir Alex to come up with something this brilliant,” commented one United fan outside Old Trafford. “Mark my words, other Premier League clubs will be rushing to copy this latest innovation.”

Ripla, the insider, also revealed that Ferguson would have loved to see Tendulkar in action against Sri Lanka in the final on Saturday. Unfortunately, United’s Premier League engagements meant it was not possible.

Nonetheless, this news is bound to stun the world – bringing together as it does two of the most powerful men in the sports industry. Tendulkar is expected to pen a short-term contract next week.

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