Gay Pride Celebrations Rock the Social Media World

The last Sunday in June is officially Gay Pride Day, and today there were parades and exuberant celebrations breaking out on the streets of cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Istanbul and Dublin.

As you can see in our gallery of TwitPics, this year’s celebration brings Gay and Lesbian Pride Month to a close with a revolutionary atmosphere, thanks to the Same-Sex Marriage Bill signed into law on Friday for New York, the largest state yet and the sixth state in the U.S. to legalize gay marriage.

Join us in the outpouring of joy, gratitude, happiness, pride and relief as celebrants from all over the world share their pictures on TwitPic:


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New York Gay Pride Parade

NYC Gay Pride Parade
Image courtesy Twitpic/Eric Lang

Gay Pride New York! #Sundayoutfit
Image courtesy Twitpic/Marie-Joelle Parent

Showing off at the Chicago Gay Pride today!
Image courtesy Twitpic/Jasemine-Denise

I’m at the Gay Pride march in Istanbul. Super real.
Image courtesy Twitpic/Henry Goldman

Dublin Gay Pride Parade 2011
Image courtesy Twitpic/Adrian + Shane

This is how we do gay pride
Image courtesy Twitpic/Nadia Italiano

New York Gay Pride Parade
Image courtesy Twitpic/Matt Murray

Istanbul Gay Pride March
Image courtesy Twitpic/Mehter

@Oaklanta and Long Time Friend at Gay Pride 2011 in San Francisco’s Delores Park
Image courtesy Twitpic/Short Stuff

Lady Littleton
Image courtesy Twitpic/Lady Littleton

Gay Pride cupcake from Magnolia Bakery! It tasted as good as it looked!
Image courtesy Twitpic/NYCupcake Guide

A statement for the Gay Pride Parade
Image courtesy Twitpic/ROTE Simple Machines

This is gay. This is joy. This is pride.
Image courtesy Twitpic/Dorothy Snarker

I-35W Bridge in its full rainbow glory for Twin Cities Pride
Image courtesy Twitpic/Ryan Kroll

Gay pride. Marching with @kiehls. It just started. So many awesome – and weird – pics to take.
Image courtesy Twitpic/Flip Flap Man

Celebrating the Gay Pride Parade in NYC!
Image courtesy Twitpic/NARSissist

New York
Image courtesy Twitpic/MANU

NYC Gay Pride Parade
Image courtesy Twitpic/Cassie Alexander

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