There Are Now 100,000 Apps for the iPad

The owners of Apple’s iPad now have 100,000 apps to choose from, Macstories reports.

This is quite an accomplishment given that the original iPad was launched less than a year and a half ago, in April 2010. In March 2011, there were 75,000 apps available for the iPad; it took roughly three months to reach the magic 100,000 number.

For comparison, there are less than a 1,000 apps available in the Android Market for Honeycomb, the Android variant aimed specifically for tablets (bear in mind that many Android tablets are based on other versions of Android, such as Gingerbread and Froyo, which makes it hard to calculate the exact number of tablet-specific Android apps).

As for Apple’s iOS platform in general, which the iPad shares with the iPhone and iPod touch, it recently reached half a million approved apps.

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