Top 10 Twitter Trends This Month

Top Twitter Trends, August 2011:A few recurring Twitter trends tussled for dominance in August, and if you’ve been following our weekly chart, you likely won’t be surprised by this month’s aggregate.

Soccer was strong week after week, and ultimately came out on top in August thanks to a variety of highly anticipated matches from around the world. This global trend has consistently been hard to beat.

It was anybody’s guess where Justin Bieber would land, but a few antics and appearances late in the month got his fans fired up. The Biebs hits number two in August.

And the British riots from early in the month had enough staying power to come in at number three on our chart.

See the full list below. Note that hashtag games and memes have been omitted from the data. You can check Twitter trends from the past in our Top Twitter Topics section.

Topping the monthly rankings by an easy margin, football captured the most chatter this month, likely due to the start of the English Premier League season in August. However, the top two topics were a bit different, with one celebrating the founding in 1914 of Brazilian team Palmeiras, and the other the move of star player Cesc Fábregas to FC Barcelona.
Justin Bieber
Singer Justin Bieber pretended to be “Derek Bieber,” fans waited (impatiently) for a Christmas album, and Bieber gave his friend Ryan Butler a haircut in the “Bieber Barber Shop.”
British Riots
In the violence and chaos of the riots that gripped England, the three most powerful trends were #prayforlondon, #riotcleanup and #OperationCupOfTea.
Super Junior
Korean pop group Super Junior returned to the stage with new song “Mr. Simple,” winning a number of award shows, including Inkigayo.
Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene blazed a path up the U.S. East Cost, doing less damage than was feared in some spots (New York) and far more than expected in others (Vermont). At last check, more than 40 deaths are attributed to the storm.
One Direction
British/Irish boyband One Direction released its debut single “What Makes You Beautiful.” Related trends included various requests for band members to disrobe.
Jersey Shore (TV Show)
Jersey Shore returned to the air and was notable for many things, but mostly that clothing manufacturer Abercrombie and Fitch made an offer to the cast not to wear its clothing.
Jonas Brothers
Fans wished the Jonas Brothers a variety of happy greetings, birthday and otherwise, but there are apparently still lingering rivalries between fans of Taylor Swift and her ex, Joe Jonas.
Lil Wayne
Rapper Lil Wayne released his new album Tha Carter IV. While initially a number of fans tweeted their excitement, it was not long before some started trends such as #ThingsBetterThanTheCarterIV.
Chris Brown
Chris Brown released his new mixtape titled “Boy in Detention,” but his trending is mainly the result of a halo effect from Justin Bieber rapping on the song “Ladies Love Me.”
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