Top 10 WordPress ‘Plugins’ every blogger should use!



If you are using wordpress for your blog then you really need to take some time to decide which plugins you want to use. Simply using wordpress without any plugins is a mistake if you want your blog to be successful and a money maker. Here are ten plugins I think every wordpress blogger should use:

1. Askinet– this plugin is automatically installed with wordpress and just needs to be activated. It works to keep spam comments from coming in. If you do not activate this plugin then you will end up with a lot of spam comments.

2. Google Analyticator– yes there is also a wordpress plugin for this and not just for websites. It does a great job of telling you where your blog traffic is coming from.

3. Subscribe comments– this handy plugin makes it so that when someone leaves a comment they are given the option to automatically subscribe to your list.

4. Share This– this plugin is the little green share button that lets them share your post on any of several popular social media site.

5. Tweetmeme– install this plugin and watch your traffic soar. This handy tool lets your readers tweet any of your posts and then it shows how many times a post has been retweeted.

6. Sociable– this plugin places small icons for all of the popular social media sharing sites near the bottom of each post.

7. Twitter Tools– automatically share all of your blog posts on twitter.

8. popular posts– this displays your most popular posts for your readers.

9. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate– This plugin which you have to buy allows you to turn keywords into affiliate links.

10. Related Websites– displays related blog posts under each post and includes your posts as a traffic exchange on other blogs.

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