Top 7 social media evergreen mistakes which we do mostly

The social media offers a wide range of opportunity to communicate with your current and potential clients along with building up your brand and promoting your business to the world. However, due the enormity found in social media there are chances that your posts could be lost in the cyber world without bringing any difference as you have planned. Unlike any other business venture, you need things like planning, diligence, fine tuning in your social media marketing. Hence exploring the best practices and common drawbacks simply takes loads of time unlike the way you do by developing content, checking comments, posting and monitoring the outcome. Adopting social media for your business promotion still seems to be a new idea to many of the marketers hence they are bound to make a couple of mistakes. The below is the list of top seven social media evergreen mistakes, which people often commit. Let’s check them out:


1). Addressing the wrong people

One of the most common mistakes marketers commit is by addressing a wrong audience by attracting people with free and wrong content. This simply is an exercise of futility as it will never be able to convert the customers. It is really critical to understand the way you classify and understand your target audience instead of using the spray and pray method with the social media.

2). Always talking about business

Another common mistake, which people commit while using social media for their business marketing is to talk about their products or services all the time. However, by being a talking shop about your business, you simply make your image like an irritating salesperson and your target audience may get away from you. Make sure you understand a fact that your target audience coming at the social media sites is people first and then your potential consumer and they simply do not come to read about your brand or business. Social media is just about engaging and quality content, hence make sure you trigger natural and real kinds of conversations with your target audience or followers and remain a talking shop all the time.

3). Choosing a wrong social media site

Another common mistake marketers make is choosing a wrong social media site. If your target audience is professionals and white collar people then using Twitter or Facebook is not the right place for you since you will miss a good amount of people at these platforms. Perhaps, LinkedIn would be the best choice for you. Similarly, if you are keen to add certain value in your social media endeavor for any close knit customer community then you should prefer using any private social networking site. By choosing any wrong social media site, you will never reach to your targeted crowd.

4) Failing to have a personality

Business is all about people and consumers. You could be having a brand but your consumers also want to see the human angle of your business. Though you could choose to remain formal over your business site, however, over the social media sites, it is always recommended to be human rather than any corporate giant. Whenever you use social networking sites make sure you showcase yourself as a person along with showcasing your business. By having a personality, you can add values in your social media profile hence avoid being a robot.

5). Improper grammar and wrong spelling usage

Ironically, this is among the most common mistakes people commit while being over the social media sites. They are seen using poor grammar and wrong spellings, which simply showcases how unprofessional is the company. Make sure the people working in your online marketing efforts using social media platforms should be good in terms of grammar and spellings. With poor quality content, you will never be able to engage your audience. Avoid using shortcuts and wrong spellings or grammar when it comes to sharing your content over social media.

6). Ignoring to measure what really is required

There are few things, which are simple to measure including the number of clicks, retweets, followers, views and likes. But at the same time you are supposed to take proper action when it comes to social media communication drives. Are you getting good amount of sales, customers, member registrations, renewals and attendance owing to your messaging marketing campaign? The fact is you could find a couple of metrics, which are important to count along with understanding your other requirements of the communications and marketing campaigns. Hence you should be treating social media in a different fashion.

7). Being defensive

You will not find all the comments coming over Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus will be positive regarding your business. So whenever people find negative comments coming in, they choose to become defensive. This is certainly a big mistake, which you should avoid by being patient in handling such negative comments.

Final word

You can certainly make a good difference in your professional and personal things using social media sites. However, to end up getting success, it is always important to avoid the above discussed mistakes commonly committed by marketers over the social media platforms.

About The Author: Brianne is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Hydroxycut

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