Top Collection Of Bootstrap Design For Web Designers

Bootstrap is an easy to use framework developed by Twitter,  just drop in the pre-compiled CSS  into your project and you’re on your way!  Though Bootstrap is really just a toolset of CSS and HTML conventions,  it’s built with Less, a flexible pre-processor that offers much more power and flexibility than regular CSS.  This specific set of code styling also works and displays well for iOS devices and other such gadgets and complements the popular flow of responsive design.

1) Bureau :

Bureau Bootstrap skin is a lightweight corporate-style set of CSS styles which gives you all the power of Twitter Bootstrap powered by a unique look, enhanced features and usage examples.

Demo | Download

2)Metrostrap – Bootstrap skin :

Metrostrap is a bootstrap minimalist (metro-like) skin that gives you a solid base to start your projects.


3)Morning – Bootstrap Skin :

Best bootstrap plugin with sass &compass , nav dropdown on hover ,awesome fonts


4) Elemento – Bootstrap Skin :

Elemento is a skin for Bootstrap, which means that can be used with any site built with the Bootstrap framework. With easy installation and customization thanks to the LESS files included.
Elemento has many improvements to the original Bootstrap styles based on latest CSS3 functionality. A modern browser to test it is highly recommended.
Elemento brings all the potential of Bootstrap, with a fresh and clear new look, plus a ton of new features and plugins pre configured.


5) Sleeky – Bootstrap Skin :

“Sleeky” is a clean and neat Twitter Bootstrap skin that changes framework appearance.


6) Rocket – Bootstrap Skin :

This is Rocket; a heavily customised and inverted Twitter Bootstrap skin which you can quickly and easily drop into your next project. It will allow you to save time and money for your next website.


7) Light – Bootstap Skin :

It is an dark skin with patten background for bootstrap. It is highly customizable and easy to implement in your next project. All the styles have been done through LESS , and you can fine customized LESS files in the a folder called less. For those who need both bootstrap.css and bootstrap.min.css, they can find these files in the css folder. In is important to note that all the necessary plugins have been included.


9) Riddler :

Riddler Bootstrap skin is a lightweight sleek and modern looking set of CSS styles which gives you all the power of Twitter Bootstrap powered by a unique look, enhanced features, usage examples and HTML templates.


You get all the features of the bootstrap framework – grids, layouts, responsive design, menus, buttons, modals etc… plus many new features.


10) iOS Bootstrap :

iOS Bootstrap is an bootstrap skin ready for use on mobile/tablet templates.



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